Date: 20th February 2021 at 4:09pm
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It has been the story of the week so far and many Celtic fans have been bemused at the Scottish Governments apparent lack of severe condemnation of Rangers’ “COVID 5” compared to what Celtic received over their ill fated trip to Dubai.

Now I know it’s a global pandemic and that “tit for tat” should not be top of the agenda and people’s health and safety are what matters most, but what I cannot understand is why, when addressing the Ibrox clubs COVID misdemeanour, why did the First Minister feel the need to drag Celtic into it?

Nicola Sturgeon, when asked about the Ibrox rule breakers said,  “I don’t care whether it’s Celtic, Rangers, or any other club, it’s not on, so please stop breaking the rules.”.  Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, agrees and he pulled no punches when addressing the First Ministers comments.

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Speaking at his press conference, Lennon said, “There just seemed to be a different tack to when she was speaking about us.

“The fact she brought us into the answer sort of baffled me as well.

“I think we as a club have been treated differently from other clubs and other parts of society as well.

“I said all I needed to say after Dubai. I said it smacked of hypocrisy and I am not changing from that.

“That is all I am going to say about it.”

However, Jason Leitch, the Scottish Governments National Clinical Director was more damning in his condemnation of the Ibrox 5 as he said, “Now the next question is, ‘Who else have they put at risk?’ Let’s think about everybody else who was in that house. Who they live with, who they have met since? That is what call tracing does. And you get to big numbers pretty quickly.

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“Then you get to the wider population measure we have just decided. I think it is a bad example and I think elite sportsmen should set a good example, just like radio hosts should set a good example. 

“My head cannot understand why those guys what they did.”

And he is not far wrong. That is now SEVEN players that knowingly went to parties and mixed with people out with their so called “bubble”, a far cry from an organised training camp, however misguided that trip was.

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