Date: 29th July 2018 at 4:40pm
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BT Sport pundit and former Celtic hero Chris Sutton has called into question what is going on behind the scenes at Celtic Park after Brendan Rodgers’ curious comments on the potential signing of Daniel Arzani.

As we discussed earlier this week, the Hoops boss spoke to media before and after the Rosenborg clash about the reported interest in the Australian prospect, distancing himself from the decision to pursue him.

Today, Chris Sutton has brought the issue to the fore again, speaking on BT Sports’ Facebook live show.

The former striker said:

If Brendan doesn’t know much about Arzani then we’re back to who is signing the players.

Last year he was talking about being the manager, this year he is talking about being the coach who has to work with what he has.

What I’m doing is working off the back of what Brendan said during the week. It doesn’t seem like he’s picking Arzani if he comes to Celtic. He said it was a club pick. When he talks like that I would like to know who are the ‘club’.

I think when Brendan left Liverpool he said he would never let himself get in that situation again where he had to be in control. But what he said in the week leaves that open to question.

It’s certainly an interesting topic heading into the last few weeks of the transfer window.

With the Hoops so far having only signed one player in Odsonne Edouard, there are areas of the team that certainly need addressed if the team are to maintain the incredible success they’ve found over the past couple of seasons.

There’s plenty of time left yet though and hopefully the required deals are being worked on behind the scenes as we speak.

Are Brendan Rodgers’ comments cause for concern? Does Chris Sutton have a point? Let us know in the comments below…


9 Replies to “‘Who is signing the players?’ – BT Sport pundit wants answers after curious week at Celtic”

  • It is pretty obvious who is picking the players lawwell and dermot the hermit are picking the players .Brendan like previous managers like lennon is a lawwell puppet he wanted to bring quality to the club but that costs money once again we have had the wool pulled over our eyes . It doesnt matter how much money this club accumulates this board doesnt know what the word SPEND means.Brendans remit is to win the league and qualify for the champions league so lawwell and desmond can line thier own pockets my fellow celts need to wake up and smell the coffee. ps Brendan wont be here for ten in a row he will be off if things dont soon change

    • Frank Kennedy you like a lot of misled so called fans are talking so much rubbish that it seems a waste of time trying to educate you. However you are entitled to your useless opinion.

  • Newsflash

    Who have Celtic not signed today?

    Yes it is getting as bad as that. It looks to me Celtic have no intention of signing anyone else. The biscuit tin is padlocked and securely locked away in a safe in the bottom of a locked drawer submerged at the bottom of the Clyde.

    • Tony it must be some biscuit tin. Do you know any other club with a better one. What the hell are you worried about. Are you worried that we might not win the Champions League or something? Hiv a lie doon.

      • Frank, I think you are a complacent lazy fan. You think just because all is rosey in the garden today, we should all just sit back, shit up and have blind faith that this board will give all the support Brendan can get. You seriously think there is a single Celtic fan who isn’t already aware of our comparative finances to teams down South or abroad or that just getting to the CL is probably about as much as can be expected? Do you really think fans like us are not ecstatically happy with everything we have achieved since BR came in or that we don’t have faith in any of the players we already have? Of course we are!

        I think it is fans like you who are misled and difficult to educate. You think because BR has come in and got a double treble and 2 years of CL qualification that all is rosey in the garden. You forget the periods prior to this with Delia and Lennon, where the issues of not investing in the team while in a position of strength has time and time again come back to bite us in the ass. Its been a long standing issue and one short term, live in the moment lazy fans like you just cant get your stupid little heads around. Maybe its not that you have tried and failed to educate us oh so fickle fans but more that you don’t actually have a logical reason for your blind faith in a board that are about as far detached from the founding philosophy of this club as you can get. Dermot Desmond has said on record he will never invest any of his Billions in the club. He made his investment as major share holder and won’t be giving anymore ever again. He also has shares in other clubs and rarely appears to take much to do with the club. But oh because he is Irish, he must be a true Celt. Peter Lawllels son has a high position amongst the directors at Man City. Is it just a coincidence that since then we act as a development club for their youth, whilst taking away chances for our own youth or investing in players for the long term progress of the team as a whole? Please try to educate me. Tell me Frank, where is the £60 million+ from 2 years CL qualification? How much of that money in net terms have the Board spent on players? To be clear, I want you to look closely at all fees for the players who have left V came in. To take a recent eg, French Ed was bought for roughly the same made from transfers out of the club, meaning not one penny has been spent this summer on players. Has or has BR not being saying since he arrived that we need to strengthen defence? How many quality defenders have arrived Frank? I also ask, why is it that several ex Celtic players and managers have all made similar comments relating to a seeming lack of control over player transfers? Do you really think all of them are just being silly or bitter about something? Seriously mate, you need to understand that criticising the Board is not criticising Celtic. What do you know about the people running the Board? Do you think they represent the average fan in their philosophy? Do you think they represent the founding philosophy of Brother Walfred? Do you think they should represent the founding philosophy or are you just happy to take scraps from any old Tory Lord or war criminal?These men are individual business men. They do not understand the club and are very disconnected from the fans or indeed the founding philosophy of Brother Walfrid. If you can give me any shred of evidence to counter the argument that these men are true representatives of Glasgow Celtic, then I would love to be proved wrong. Cause personally, it upsets me that these people are anywhere near our club. But you can keep your head in the sand mate. Seems to me, the only time they invest or pretend to invest anything via good PR is when fans start losing interest and or they fail to qualify for CL two years in a row. I honestly think as long as we win the league and we get CL qualification every two years plus 50000 season tickets and merchandise, the board will be happy. As far as the board are concerned, in financial terms, anything else is a bonus.

  • I understand what Sutton is saying. However not sure it is as big an issue as he is making out.
    Celtic are not dissimilar to majority of clubs.
    We have Lee Congerton who apparently heads up the Scouting and recruitment team. The broad scouting team will identify targets based on the requirements as set out by the manager (Rodgers) . If Rodgers believes we need a right sided attacker, I am sure the scouting team compile a list of potential targets. If the young Aussie lad happens to be 1 of the identified list of targets, and it turns out Rodgers hasn’t witnessed the player play with his own eyes, then to me that isn’t a major surprise.

  • Agree with you and frank on this issue,when Brendan said “it’s a club thing” it could mean simply as you,stated or Brendan being Brendan.normally doesn’t comment on deals until they are actually done,as this one is only press speculation at the minute.As for bringing in players,Brendan has already stated we have an advantage this year over all English clubs,as their transfer window closes 3 weeks earlier than ours.He is not, given he has revealed his strategy going to contact his potential targets clubs thus alerting the English clubs before thier window closes. We have tied down Rogic and Bain,who i think is the Scotland international NO1 in the making and will defo succede Gordon when he hangs up his boots.We shelled out £9m for Edouarde,although a blind man can see no real risk taken by the board there,along with Dembele and Ntcham the three Frenchman are going to make the club at least £70m,so the least the board can give us is at least one quality CB a quality RB and a wide man as back up to Forrest.If Hibs blink first as i think they may,with McGinn added to that wishlist,we would then have a young dynamic,attacking team,capable of holding it’s own in the C.L

  • Frank Logan i am 52 years old i have been a supporter since the early 70s i am not a so called fan i am a fan who cares and i dont need educated by you on our club. Big Dodgy Pete was spot on well said that man.

  • Regarding peter lawwell can i point out when it comes to business off the park lawwell is probably the best in britain at bringing finance into a football club considering the league we play in . I appreciate the job he does for our club my problem is not enough of the money gets invested in bringing in the players Brendan wants. Good luck to the bhoys on wednesday night.

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