Date: 27th November 2010 at 11:50am
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The power of the new media, of which I’m proud to say Vital Celtic is a part, has never been better demonstrated than by the phenomenal contributions of…

Julian Assange, the wikileaks founder, is currently causing the US government, military and security agencies, all manner of embarrassment, shock and mock-rage. Not to mention the countless number of squeaky-bums, sweaty hands, sweatier collars and the hastily scribbled resignation letters, which will follow the latest batch of leaks from this outstanding ‘new media’ source of whistle blowers and truth seekers.

Nothing can stand against the truth. D-notices are for the redundant ‘old media’.

The power of the new media, of which I’m proud to say Vital Celtic is a part, has never been better demonstrated than by the phenomenal contributions of Celtic’s very own ‘Assange twins’; Paul67, the founder of CQN and Phil MacGiollaBhain, the Irish based, freelance investigative journalist.

It is hard to write about Paul and Phil without sounding sycophantic.

I couldn’t care less about that! Egos are the domain of the SFA, whinging referees and the comfort blanket of the increasingly insignificant hacks and vitriolic anti-Celtic media.

Quite simply, there are not enough platitudes in the Celtic world to do these two adequate justice for their tireless and unflinching work over recent weeks and months.

The email which eventually brought down Hugh Dallas(and at least 5 other SFA employees), would never have been known about were it not for the work of these two Celtic men. Celtic history will record this as fact. Scottish history would like to record them on ‘wanted posters’ – but we wont allow that. Those days are over! (as a rottweiler with newly sharpened teeth recently said)

Paul and Phil are not going away. None of us in the new Celtic media world are.

And I have never witnessed the Celtic Family in general, and the on-line Celtic community in particular, so united and determined. These are truly historic times.

Meanwhile, the ‘establishment’ are living in ‘interesting times’. Those Chinese curse designers certainly knew a thing or two…

The really great news(establishment look away now)is that things are going to get a whole lot more ‘interesting’ over the coming days and weeks and months.

Our two Celtic ‘Assange twins’ are like a pair of intrepid dogs who have just discovered the secret entrances to all the Butcher’s shops in town – and who now know exactly where all the most succulent bones are to be found.


There have been unconfirmed reports of two dogs being seen exiting various Butchers Establishments. I cant comment on that. However, one eye-witness to their bone-aparte escapades, who doesn’t want to be named, told me that;

‘Aye, both dogs were wearing tri-coloured ribbons – tied firmly to their tails!’

This war isn’t over. Far from it. The establishment are seething, like all bullies and bigots do when their victims finally turn and give them the public beating of their lives.

Their safe, cosy universe is crumbling all around them and they will eventually turn on their own kind. Their screams of ‘paranoid’ and ‘whataboutery’ are being slashed and slain by truth.

The club are up for the fight and so are the Celtic support. Paul and Phil most certainly are, and both still have pivotal roles to play as several different endgame’s begin to unfold. I suspect some haven’t even begun yet…

Hail, Hail to Paul67 and Phil MacGiollaBhain

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6 Replies to “WikiLeaks – and Celtic’s very own ‘Assange twins’.”

  • Dearie me, TicV. Just when you were doing rather well in terms of analysing the situation…. now you talk of “this war isn’t over” ? A war ? A tad over the top, don’t you think. If this is really a “war”, you’d better start considering what happens after the “Celtic Family” win it. Because at that stage, you might become the “establishment”, and the role of “victim” will be up for grabs. Be careful what you wish for. Ask yourself this – did Jock Stein ever whinge about being hard done to when his team won 9 League flags in a row, despite Rangers having a stong team at the time ?

  • In answer to your 1st Q – No. Not even a little bit. Your second point, how does seeking a level playing field, honesty, transparency, and accountability ‘for every club’ equate to somehow becoming the establishment? Seriously, you’ve completely lost me there. Celtic didn’t declare or start this war, the club have simply been asking, through the appropriate channels, for clarification and explanations on various issues for the past 3-years – and have been systematically either stonewalled or completely ignored on each one. Why have your own club been so vocal about exactly the same things? Why do you think Hearts could make the kind of statement they recently made without the SFA, referees and old media declaring war on them? No, seriously, why? And sorry, the ‘mad vlad’ defence wont wash, Specs Haver. As for Jock, I can only assume from your comment that you know nothing of Jock’s history, fights and opinions on ‘all’ things establishment. The only whiners here are the referees. Can I take it that you are against root and branch change at the SFA? Thanks for taking an interest in my articles, though. PS. I hear your own club may be getting some highly interesting info handed to them..

  • If you (or Celtic FC) truly want a proper level playing field, then you have 100% support from me (and all clubs and fans I’d imagine). However, you have to try to understand the perception of what we have (and have had for years), from the perspective of non-OF fans. It is simply that COLLECTIVELY, the OF teams seem to benefit unreasonably in most aspects of the game – compared to non-OF teams – whether it be dodgy decisons or more lenient rules for bookings/sendings off. How can that equate with your perception that all the bias is in favour of Rangers only ? That is exactly why Vlad’s regime have made their comments – his perception (and he saw it within a year of arriving, remember) is that there is one rule for the OF, another for the rest. The result of his outburst ? SFA slapped fines on Hearts, and refs started hammering some of our players with some ourageous bookings. I still think the SFA will fine Hearts for their recent statement, even though it was fairly tame. Hearts are an “easier” target for the SFA than Celtic, simply because Hearts don’t have the clout (recent playing success, financial or number of fans) that you have – and actually I don’t think Celtic would have got even this far, if it hadn’t been for 2 things – a new CEO (an outsider Regan) and the Dougie incident (revelation of the cover-up) … plus the unexpected bonus of the Dallas email. So Celtic have picked the right moment with these letters and comments. As I inferred at the start, yes I want to see big change. We’re a wee country – it shouldn’t need 3 bodies to run our senior game. It’s likely they are top heavy with old boy egos, which breeds arrogance and resistance to real change. The point I was trying to make about the 9 in a row is that Jock probably was clever in the way he used “anti-Celtic” perceptions to strengthen the bond among his players, to make them believe that they were good enough to achieve great things regardless. I bow to your greater knowledge on this, however. Always glad to read your comments and views, even when I don’t agree – and always appreciate your responses. Now I’m intrigued about your insider info !! Do tell…..

  • Cheers. Understand you more clearly now. Yes, certain events have conspired(pardon the pun)in such a relatively short period of time. And there is certainly an element of opportunity converging with unprecedented circumstances – which has helped Celtic’s prior and ongoing grievances. However, the main point of the article was that none of those ‘circumstances’ could have been maximised to their full potential without the added efforts of the two lads I went out of my way to praise. It is only via their efforts that real pressure has subsequently been able to be firmly applied – directly to the balls of the people who would have happily continued to apply layer upon layer of whitewash. Any hope of real change has to be forced through, and remember we are talking about trying to change an organisation which openly hates all things Celtic and who have been been happy to let anyone know that they hate us. It’s less than a week since Farry was being nominated for sainthood by all and sundry ffs. The man was ‘eventually’ sacked for Gross Misconduct for directly and wilfully trying hinder Celtic. If you recall, the SFA had cleared him of all charges and it took Fergus two years to finally bring the wee rat to justice. I know other clubs have their own problems with officialdom, but THAT is what Celtic were, and still are, up against – from the top man at the SFA. Now we have Peat, a man who would sooner slash his own wrists than give Celtic the ***** off his bigoted shoe. On Hearts, I believe that copies of certain match reports either already have, or shortly will be made available to your club by another, unnamed, SPL club. I could be wrong, though. I’m off to relax and chill…

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