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Vital Celtic member, Wishaw Bhoy, shares his views on the barriers and obstacles we have had to fight long and hard to overcome, and those we are still very much fighting to remove

Long-standing Vital Celtic member; Wishaw Bhoy, shares his views on the barriers and obstacles we have had to fight long and hard to overcome, and those we are still very much fighting to remove…

Throughout my Celtic supporting life there have always been certain aspects of life in the west of Scotland – no matter how unpalatable – that have been generally accepted as being part and parcel of our Irish / Catholic ancestry or in other words; ‘being one of them’. And, whilst it has to be fully acknowledged that not all Celtic supporters are defined as such, they too are deemed guilty by association and subsequently persecuted accordingly.

For as long as I can remember, life in this part of the world and being of a Celtic persuasion, was perceived by the powers that be as an act of defiance, treachery even – and in an environment whereby all professions were for all intents and purposes out of reach for ‘my kind’. It then followed suit that prejudice, persecution and intolerance abounded in every form and from every corner of a institutionally corrupt society. A society who were totally focused on their resolute objective of self preservation.

My late father once recounted an event whereby a mother and toddler happened to be in the vicinity of my home town where the bus routinely departed for Ibrox or wherever the ‘teddy bears’ happened to be playing on a Saturday, which was awash with red white & blue whilst bigoted rantings permeated the normally sedate surroundings. On witnessing this scene the toddler demanded of his mother; ‘Mummy! where are all the council workers going today?’ – so familiar was he of seeing the local councils employees proudly sporting the colours of their favoured team whilst executing their daily duty’s. Such was life…

Growing up and having joined the ranks of the Celtic masses, I quickly learned to expect things such as none too complimentary headlines and derogatory stories regarding the club I had fallen in love with, and even more so in the lead up to high profile games such as the Glasgow derby match whereby the ridiculous fabrications grew arms and legs in a sustained and wicked vendetta – designed purely to give the opposition and their supporters a psychological advantage prior to kick off. This scenario got so bad that the late great Jock Stein reverted to manufacturing Celtic related stories in order to stem the flow of anti Celtic rubbish appearing on the back pages prior to such high profile games.

However, quite remarkably this phenomenon still ‘religiously’ occurs to this day, and to such an extent that it is out with the norm in the lead up to rangers games in particular and Celtic matches in general if we are granted any fair coverage! During this formative period, I also regularly witnessed Celtic supporters being arrested in and around the grounds for reasons best known to the boys in blue, which inevitably resulted in extremely unjust and harsh sentences for those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end and that was after having to endure their brutality.

On the field of play it was always accepted that Celtic teams had to be head and shoulders above the opposition to win matches and also that we would regularly return from games totally dumfounded by ludicrous match changing decisions which incessantly went against us. Again, such was life…! I mean, after 100 years of an SFA backed policy, whereby rangers refused point blank to sign a player ( or any staff ) descended from an RC / Irish background – to include extended family members – it naturally followed suit that it was also deemed normal that SFA employees also openly affiliated themselves to Masonic & orange lodges. Both of who’s intolerance of anything Green was the principal reason for their vile existance, as well as their ready-made billy boy network and methods of recruiting.

Only in the west of Scotland could this be deemed acceptable and, rather ironically for one of the freest countries and one of the freest press’ in the world, the media in this country blatantly refuse to report it, far less have the decency, professional pride and integrity to actually condemn it. Then again, neither do rangers…

No, the proof is there (over 100-years worth) that the Scottish media is full of the same bigots.

Over the years, myself, like all Celtic supporters, have been clearly labelled as being overly paranoid in our assertions of ‘unjustifiable’ bias. Yet we have – particularly in recent times – clinically proven beyond any reasonable doubt that this is indeed the case. From Farry to ‘Dougie Dougie’ & Dallas to the unprecedented 6 match ban unjustly administered to Neil Lennon in his first season in management. I’m aware that Dr Reid is not everyone’s cup of tea in his position as chairman, however, he is a lifetime supporter of the club and has had to endure the same as the rest of us and, as such, I’m 100% behind his statement of ‘NO MORE’ and ‘THOSE DAYS ARE OVER’.

In conclusion, I welcome both the appointment of QC McBride in defence of our manager, as well as Joe O’Rourke’s proposed bhoycott of the forthcoming Kilmarnock game in March and, with that in mind – NO MORE – time to stop being angry. It’s now time to get even… Oh, and we shall not be moved! Hail Hail.

Wishaw Bhoy

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9 Replies to “Wishaw Bhoy: We shall not be moved.”

  • Interesting article there, WB. Compared to what you describe, I must have led a sheltered life through in the east !! I suspect we just don’t have pseudo-religion bigotry as bad through here – although I would never claim it doesn’t exist. Bigotry and discrimination of humans is abhorrent on all levels. Take it from me, the dislike most Hearts fans have for Hibs is nothing to do with their Irish roots … it’s simply because they are our local neighbours… it’s normal local rivalry for its own sake. Sadly there are a few hundred yobs who think otherwise. I hope you have the good sense to realise that the intensity of your experiences are not replicated everywhere. And as for professions being outside the reach of “your kind”… well thats certainly not the case where I work – the majority of my colleagues and superiors seem to support Celtic …. and the subject of their religion (or lack of it) has never been a topic of gossip or discussion that I’m aware of. Let me know if you want to apply for a job there, WB !!

  • You should have read the article properly, Specs Haver. WB made it clear he was talking about how things used to be as far as entry to certain professions and jobs was concerned…and that was still the case well into the 80’s. btw, your ‘fans’ were an absolute disgrace last night – even more so than usual, and that really is saying something! Chanting and mocking at a Celtic fan who was fighting for his life – and there was far more than a ‘few hundred’ gleefully taking part in that. I’ve had first hand experience of the hearts support going back some 40-years, and your claims of not really being a religiously bigoted support is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard.

  • Ok point taken re the jobs – although I would point out that no barriers existed where I work in the 80s. I wasn’t at the game to witness it, TicV – but I certainly wouldn’t defend the sort of behavour you’re describing. Sadly (and your support along with Rangers support are no better), what you saw is “mob football behaviour” – where a mob behaves much differently to the natural behaviour of most of the individuals, encouraged by the tolerance of football stadiums that allow it. No way do I defend that – and would much prefer if these Hearts yobs found something else to do on a Saturday. You and I have probably both been spat at and called a xxxxxxx b*st*rd by each others yob fans – I certainly have. But it’s not what I would describe as religious bigotry – its yobbery with a scarf on. Surely, you don’t credit these people with attending church and living a Christian lifestyle ? Most wouldn’t know what a religioun actually is. And my comment only pertained to our rivalry with Hibs – where talk of Pope/Queen/RC/Proddies/Irish etc are just not on the agenda from what I see and hear (and rightly so).

  • Re ; Specs Haver ,, please believe me when I inform you that everything contained within my article is based on fact and fact alone ….. I felt no need to exaggerate or embelish ,, I fully understand that things have moved on since those days but the sad reality of days gone bye is quite simply that I and ” my kind ” would never have been seriously considered for a position in your workplace in those days ( no matter your trade ) in those days the situations vacant pages here contained the following line .. RC’S NEED NOT APPLY ,, and that too is factual ……my brother ,, after having served 12 years in 45 Royal Marine Commando in Arbroath ,, married & settled in the adjoining town of Brechin whereby his extended family and the local community were /are horrified to learn of the abject and somewhat volitile bias which was openly perpretated towards him simply because of his RC birthright …….. the upside being that it fully prepared him for the harsh envoirnoment of his new found military life of which he excelled ….. only in the West of Scotland are these practices deemed normal every day life and your sheltering from such an imbalaced envoirnoment has quite blissfully spared you it’s indifference S H …….. but thanks for your views …… they are most appreciated …………!!!!

  • Like I said, WB – I appreciate the content of your article, and was not trying to suggest you were exaggerating in any way. The example of your brother is indeed appalling. I have long despaired over what seems a ridiculously large number of downright stupid people who inhabit our wee country – people who can’t seem to think for themselves or break free from crazy outdated prejudices. I don’t think Celtic or Rangers or Hearts or Hibs, or any religion, has a monopoly on such numpties – they exist in most cross-sections of life (sadly).

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