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An – unprofessionally made – professional decision.


Written by: Manos Kassotakis

Brendan Rodgers’ exit still grabs many headlines; the Leicester boss seems to have second thoughts, not about his departure from Celtic but about the way he handled the whole situation.

Rodgers still can’t come to terms with the reaction of the Celtic fans. One thing is certain and it was all over the social media these days “Celtic lost a manager but Rodgers lost a club”.

Rodgers recently said that it was a very difficult decision and he had to put away his feelings in order to make it. Anyone can understand that a job in the English Premier League is more attractive than one in Scotland’s top division although only a few clubs in England can match Celtic’s global status.

Rodgers said that he took Celtic as far as he could; everyone knows that this is not true. With an historic treble-treble in the corner, it’s not the departure, it’s the very bad timing. Rodgers couldn’t stay forever in Celtic, not even for the “10 in a row” dream and most Celtic fans knew that, but to leave before the end of the season was unacceptable.

Rodgers was – in his own words- “born in Celtic”. This might be true but his own actions prove otherwise. You don’t give your “dream job” up in such a manner. Undoubtedly, he is a professional manager, his career comes first -many will say- but this is not professional behaviour.

Giving up your job and the club you work for, less than 48 hours before a crucial away game and 2 months before the end of the season with two out of three trophies to play for, is not professional at all.

What Rodgers must now consider isn’t Celtic fans’ opinion, he could never change that. His first consideration should be that he is actually putting his career at stake, by not just acting unprofessionally but by showing lack of loyalty and respect as well.

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