Date: 2nd April 2019 at 6:00pm
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Celtic assistant boss John Kennedy has offered a defence of club captain Scott Brown after intense media criticism, as reported by The Scottish Sun.

Despite being punched in the face, elbowed and set upon by rival players, Brown has had to endure pundit after pundit lining up to slate him for goading Rangers on Sunday.

It’s criticism that wasn’t apparent in the wake of similar goading from Rangers after they beat us at Ibrox in December. Brown took that without reaction but it seems that Steven Gerrard’s men simply can’t.

What’s going on?

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, Kennedy said of the criticism:

I think it’s ludicrous. People are picking on Scott Brown a bit and trying to make it an issue with him.

Scott’s behaviour in the game was first class. He conducted himself very well. There are no issues with how professional Broony is and how he conducts himself.

If you look at the incidents, especially the one with Ryan Kent, he stood there with his hands by his side and rolled the ball away behind him. Scott was then punched in the face. There is no excuse for that.

Celebrating wins and winding up the opposition goes hand in hand with football. It’s all about keeping calm and cool in response, so as to not let your club and supporters down.

It seems many have forgotten that in the days since the derby victory.

Clearly marching towards an eighth league title is just too much for some and they’ll have to get used to Scott Brown celebrating success for a while yet, along with this seemingly unstoppable Celtic team.

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7 Replies to “Celtic star finally gets some much needed media backing after out of order 48 hours”

  • How come there has been no criticism of Gerrard and he immediate comments after the game
    He clearly condones the actions of some of his players and claims that he would do the same things
    Also in further comments he clearly incites his Players to future violence in the next game they face Celtic at Ibrox
    He needs to be disciplined by the SFA and banned from the touch line for that next game
    He has incited his players and you can expect more violence
    at the next game which Gerrard is encouraging

  • Have the police lost their view of taking actions about assaults. They seam to forget that Duncan Fergusson was jailed for 12 weeks for a head to head remo stration with Jock McStay (wrongly as it was just aggresivness) unlike Ryan Kents punch which appears to be premeditated.

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