Date: 20th March 2018 at 2:37pm
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Joey Barton has been piping up again and I think it`s fair to say we usually enjoy it when he`s had something to bang on about.

Few players have arrived in our league with so much to say for themselves and even less have left with their tail between their legs like he did but it appears the experience has hammered him mentally.

He`s been claiming that no-one on the pitch when we battered them 5-1 has had the career he has had (okay then) whilst he`s also called the standard of football in the country pathetic – is that why he couldn`t hack it?

For me, he`s only proven himself further to be a complete muppet and that`s putting it nicely, whilst Chris Sutton has done a pretty decent job of summarising on Twitter. Let`s take a look at what our former striker has had to say.