Date: 11th February 2019 at 6:55am
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Former Celtic captain Tom Boyd has been heavily criticised by Daily Record journalist Gordon Waddell for having the gall to suggest Scotland should have neutral referees.

The Celtic TV commentator spoke last week about the need for neutral refs that can provide better protection to players in the Scottish top-flight, suggesting that foreign refs should be brought in to take charge of matches.

That’s a suggestion too far for some though, who apparently prefer the system of chaos we have right now that leads to accusations of bias given decisions start to favour one team in particular.

Waddell slammed Boyd in his Daily Record column, writing:

Rodgers wants help for them, suggesting maybe bringing it in from other countries while working on raising standards.

Boyd, on the other hand, wants them to be ‘neutral’. Meaning he believes the current lot have a bias, one way or the other – but especially the other, eh, Tom?

The undertone of his comments was clear, but just in case it wasn’t he said he would need to wait 100 years before the supposed injustices inflicted upon the Premiership champions by our whistlers were evened up.

For an official ambassador of the club, what an embarrassment.

Boyd is only calling things as he sees them and as a former player at the top level of the game will know a lot more than Waddell about what goes on in Scottish football.

That he has the motivation to speak out about the issue and take Scottish referees to task is his prerogative and taking heavy criticism from journalists for having an opinion on this matter is probably par for the course for Boyd.

There is absolutely nothing embarrassing about his request for fair and impartial refereeing.


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