Date: 24th December 2020 at 6:38pm
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Well yesterday’s game brought another 3 points and a clean sheet, but there will be plenty said about that I’m sure. So what I am looking to focus in on is our galloping Norwegian Centre back Kristoffer Ajer.

Now from the start of the season there has been rumblings and rumours, stories about his agent not laying the foundation for a long career at Celtic, which in turn let the fans put Ajer in the same category as the likes of N’tcham, Edouard and even Christie, in the “they just want out of the club as quick as possible” allowing fans to claim their heads are not in the game or the season, that they have downed tools or mot been interested. There could be a few that could certainly make those types of arguments over those players, but for me one player who stands head and shoulders above those players is Kris Ajer.

It is genuinely lazy from fans branding him anything other than looking committed and interested. He may very well make mistakes. Or have a bad game, but when you watch him you do not see a player who has chucked it, but rather for me, he looks like a player trying to drive the team on, many times seen galloping up the pitch, refusing to allow the ball be played back, but rather trying to push the rest of the team on. Even against Ross County he was seen to be striding up the pitch effortlessly and looking to stay up to create something.

A player who wanted away would simply stick to their role of holding the back line, not make any big bold runs or get caught out of position, basically play it safe and not showing much fight or enthusiasm. Which after seeing his celebration after scoring the winning penalty to guarantee the club a quadruple treble, ensuring our place in the history books.

Now onto the part with the agents comments, now he may have made comments alluding to Ajer wanting away to a bigger or better club, but how did Ajer respond to that not long after? He let that agent go and got a new agent. If Ajer was so set on leaving, I’d be surprised as to why he would let that agent go if that was what the agent was angling for. But it could be that Ajer would rather spend time at the club that has allowed him free reign at the back to push up and utilise his midfield capabilities, speed and skill.

He is not only being given that free reign, he is also playing as a team player, when asked to go out right when needed he fills in as best he can, and does a stellar job in my opinion. Even showing touches of genuine skill and some great crosses. A real talent and one who does not look to me like he has one foot out the door, but may have an eye on the captain’s armband one day, as he leads from the back and gives his all during the game.

This piece was written by Ross McAtansey and published with express permission from the author on behalf of Vital Celtic.