Date: 12th October 2019 at 12:08pm
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As quoted after speaking to Football Insider, Noel Whelan has revealed that Spurs could well be open to doing a deal for Victor Wanyama and that could be a boost to the Bhoys.

We know the Kenyan international well, of course, with the player offering a real powerful presence in the middle of the park for the Hoops for a number of years.

Eventually, that saw him move to Southampton and then Tottenham, but in recent seasons at Spurs he simply has not done enough to stay in their side.

Even so, he’d still be a class player to have in our team and with him reportedly open to a move back to Celtic Park, Whelan has suggested that the Hoops could well be keen to get a deal done.

Wheland said:

“Neil will know what he is getting, he is surplus to requirements at Tottenham, Tottenham will want to get him off the wage bill and out the football club if he is not needed, which it looks like he is not.”

There seems plenty going in favour of this potential deal, it will surely just come down to whether we can afford his wages or not.


6 Replies to “Suggestion made that top club is open to striking deal and hand player to Celtic”

  • I can’t see Celtic getting him they’ve got more midfielder’s than they need at the moment, he’s injury prone as the last few years have shown and finally his wages would be a massive stumbling block in any deal. He was a big player first time round but I’m not so sure that would be the case this time, the board backed Lenny more than I thought they would in the summer so spending that kind of money again might put the hems on any deal. Having said all that though he could be a ready made replacement for Broony and I’d take him back in a heartbeat as he knows what’s involved playing for Celtic and he’s good enough to fill his boots too.

  • Wanyama back home would be absolutely Vital as he knows what We are All About.And he is like a PitBull in that midfield.Mon Victor Het Yourself back up the road ????HH????

  • He would be brilliant perfect holding midfielder just like brown what a player as the spfl is perfect for him strong player and it would be great to see h

  • If Spurs board want him “Off the Wage Bill”, then come to an arrangement with Celt’s to “part-pay” his Wages, but,on a “personal note’, I don’t believe in (most cases) that signing a” Former Player “does not usually
    work as people expect for whatever reason but without”Over-Taxing” my already “Fragile Brain” and naming all the referred to players I find you “Don’t get the Player back to the one you sold, maybe fans expect”Too Much”(the player they sold) and this maybe puts extra pressure on the player, I also don’t think Celtic should give cash back to a Club you have sold him to; Would you buy a Car from the Guy you sold it to and ie, “Upped the Milage”, had Accidents, Bumps and Crashes, (potentially) also, its Not running like It did when you had it, and that’s before mentioning Injuries and “Loss of Speed” etc, also, the MOT, also, when do you think it’s going to “Break Down” in the Middle of the “Cup Final”,
    well, “The Motorway”?
    You are left to “Foot the Bill” for Injuries and possibly have bought a “Vehicle” that only sometimes “Runs you to the Shops”
    I think, if we did take him, he would struggle to get into the Team, So, who wants a player “You pay to Sit on the Bench”?

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