The Scottish media scrape the barrel with latest Jota v Kent valuations

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Regular readers on my site will know that when it comes to player valuations, Transfermarkt are to be ignored.

It’s a site that has no authority on placing value on players and, like the rest of us, seem to just place a value and run with it.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a bad site because it’s not.

See if you want information on goal stats, appearances, bookings etc etc etc  then go for it. It is great.

But player valuations? Forget it.

The Herald ran with a story this afternoon cover the site’s new ‘updated’ value of Celtic and Rangers players.

You might as well just stick your finger in the air and pick a number.

For example, Morelos (€7m) and Kent (€11m) who are both out of contract in three months are worth more than Maeda (€6m) and Abada (€7m) and when you take into account that the Celtic players both have better goal stats and contract lengths, and are also in form, that is where I stopped reading.

So how does Transfermarkt come to their valuations? They have a page that explains it.

Their first three considerations are:

• Future prospects
• Age
• Performance at the club and national team

And, again, that is where I stopped reading.

Kent and Morelos have no future prospects as they will be available on a free at the end of the season.

Although Kent is 26, his last two seasons of goals and assists are already bettered by Abada THIS season where the little Israeli has spent most of his time on the bench.

And Morelos? His international career is a busted flush whilst Abada shone at the World Cup and continues to be selected by his national team.

It’s just another feel good pish story about Ibrox that has no basis or reason other than to highlight the fact that Morelos and Kent are available if anyone wants to take them off the Ibrox wage bill a couple of months early.

And for a national broadsheet not to offer any kind of balance or analysis of these figures and present them as fact is just poor.

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