Pundit says Rangers ‘setting themselves up’ for Hampden embarrassment

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Another week another Rangers player shooting their mouths off in the media.

You would have thought that after all that has happened over the last ten years, these guys would learn to stop doing their talking in the media and do it on the park.

Not only are they setting themselves up for a fall on the pitch, but their fans will also be crushed when the inevitable happens and we make it to the Scottish Cup final.

Because this is what this is all about. Tavernier’s comments that Celtic will meet the ‘real’ Rangers at the Hampden semi drew a lot of rolled eyed reactions.

Not only from the Celtic fans but those in the media.

Whilst the Celtic fans were wondering if Tavernier was planning to dig up the dead club and bring it along to Ibrox as a guest for hospitality, the pundits, like Tam McManus slated him for his naive comments ahead of the cup showdown.

McManus said on PLZ Football Show, “Celtic do their talking on the pitch and Rangers keep setting themselves up for these headlines. 

“I don’t think it makes a great deal of difference but it riles the other team up.

“Keep it quiet, keep it in house. You don’t give the opposition something to hit you over the head with.

“It was Fashion Sakala the last game and Celtic turned them over.”

I hope they do keep going with this narrative.

Remember the last time they celebrated being drawn against us in the Scottish Cup?

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