Date: 11th June 2021 at 12:28pm
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I hope not. And I genuinely mean this. I hope that that this rumour is exactly what it is. A rumour.

Now I know how this game works. And so do you. Now Celtic have a new manager we will be linked with every player going. Out of contract, in contract,¬† Postogolou’s former¬† Japanese team mates. The lot.

But it when comes to this guy, Celtic need to steer clear.

I’ve never really started an article like that before whenever it comes to a player linked with Celtic. Normally I’ll read up on him, get his history, find out his achievements etc etc etc and then put my opinion on whether or not he will be good for the team.

Not this time.

Are the board doing a good job?





Jack Wilshere was once labelled as the next “huge” player to come out of English football by, incredibly enough, former manager Liam Brady.

There is no denying the guy had talent back then but in an injury plagued career Wilshere has failed to complete a full professional season with any club he has appeared for.I

In a report today, Celtic have been linked as a possible viable club for Wilshere to revive his flailing career, but do Celtic REALLY need him? I mean, yes we are looking at a massive rebuild of sorts but are we so desperate that we need to turn to a player that can’t see out a season where Celtic play a minimum fifty games per season? Not for me.

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