Date: 10th June 2021 at 7:53pm
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On the same day Celtic announced Ange Postecoglou as their new manager, former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, levied an astonishing attack on former Hoops managerial target Eddie Howe. Jordan has a history for taking digs at Celtic on the show so you must admit, this did come as a surprise.

Howe was the favourite for the Parkhead hot seat and the pantomime that surrounded the appointment was probably, no, not probably, was THE most embarrassing period in Celtic’s history of managerial appointments.

After nigh on thirteen weeks, Howe decided he didn’t want to take up the offer of one of the biggest jobs in football and Jordan reckons he knows the REAL reason behind Howe’s decision, “I think Eddie Howe should have ran up there and he is a coward for not doing it.

Is Ange Postecoglou the man for the Celtic job?





“I think he’s a coward, I think it’s a huge job. I think if Celtic could get Sean Dyche, they should have bitten his arm off at the shoulder. Undeniably, Celtic are a enormous football club with an enormous fanbase but that fanbase can only be monetised to a certain level.

“But I don’t think they could get Sean Dyche, i don’t think the economics of Scottish football would enable them to pay Sean Dyche’s wages.

“I don’t think Sean would run up to Celtic because I think he sees his future in the Premier League because it as a far bigger league than the Scottish Premiership.”

So if turning down the job makes Howe a coward, then that must make Postecoglou the bravest man since Judas looked Jesus in the eye and said “Of course you can trust me”.

There is absolutely no doubt that the job ahead of Postecoglou is massive and maybe Jordan is right. Maybe Howe had doubts that he would be able to complete such a mammoth task in rebuilding the green and white hoops side.

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