Date: 3rd March 2020 at 8:00pm
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Celtic manager Neil Lennon hasn’t been shy in dishing out some criticism of his own as preparations continue for Wednesday evening’s Scottish Premiership clash with Livingston.

Clearly irked by media questioning ahead of the game after what can only be considered another good season for the club, despite the recent Europa League disappointment, Lennon also rounded on the more extreme in the social media fanbase with their ‘unrealistic’ expectations.

“It’s getting more and more pressurised with the way the media is and social media and analysis. Sometimes it’s unrealistic and sometimes the expectations are unrealistic as well. It’s not just in Glasgow, it’s worldwide. People can get very, very personal. They have avenues to get personal with players, managers or whatever through social media.”

Skipper Scott Brown was clearly on the same page as the gaffer as well.

“I think it’s unfair for a lot of people because we’re brought up in a day and age where people can be keyboard warriors. They won’t say it to your face on the street, but they’re happy to sit and do it on social media. It’s a different world from when I started. We know our fans are right behind us. We can only do our best and usually it’s good enough. It’s about how you bounce back from defeats and learn from them.”

There won’t be many who disagree with his words when it comes to the immediate online meltdowns that can happen the second something doesn’t go our way, and plenty will see sense in Brown’s words as well, but going into Livi with a 12 point gap in the league and the chance for further Cup success still on the cards – it might not be a perfect season, but it’s been a good one and some of the criticism is well over the top.

There will be a few more bumps before the end of the campaign, as long as we keep bouncing back, that’s all you can ask.

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