Date: 22nd February 2021 at 7:28pm
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On this afternoons PLZ Soccer show on YouTube, hosts Peter Martin and Alan Rough absolutely ripped into Neil Lennon and the Celtic board.  Martin was more philosophical about the Celtic managers part in this absolute shambles of a season when, whilst condemning  the abuse the Celtic gaffer is receiving from the fans, he pointed the finger squarely at the Celtic board.

Speaking to guests Tam McManus and Allison McConnell, Martin said, “I don’t think it’s about him. I think it’s about the Chief Executive and the board has been totally and utterly indecisive at a point when they could have saved the league. They didn’t bother. And they stuck with a situation which is getting farcical week by week with no insight into what the future holds for Celtic fans.” 

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But Rough, was more damning on the Celtic gaffer claiming his “apology” to the fans was done because he has ran out of excuses, “You can see by Neil Lennon last night he’s running out of excuses he’s running out of things say. And the only thing he can do now is  hold his hand up and say he’s sorry  to the fans.  Before (last night) it was a wee excuse here and a wee excuse there and ‘wait for this’ and ‘wait for that’ but you could see him last night and he just doesn’t know what to say now.

“You can’t into a game and  have 75% possession and three times more shots on target than the other team and end up getting beat one nothing and when you’re the manager you come off the park and you just don’t know what to say.

“You just don’t have any of the ready made answers for the media when you go in there so you’re just going to hold your hand up and say, I’m sorry”.

I think Celtic fans are past the point of hearing “I’m sorry” and only want to hear two other words, “I quit”.

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