Date: 30th January 2021 at 5:37pm
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Celtic suffer yet another humiliation at Paradise today as the Bhoys fell 2-1 to Jim Goodwin’s St Mirren at Celtic Park.

In a post match press conference that gave me a serious dose of deja vu, McGregor says that the team are still not getting the basic’s right which is leading to poor, costly mistakes. Speaking to Celtic TV, the midfielder said, “We were really poor again, we aren’t learning the lessons we have to.

“It’s a new, younger feel in the squad and it’s no doubt we are in transition but we still need to learn.

“We go to sleep and don’t do the basics right.

“We have so much learning to do and trying to stay positive.

It’s not good enough.”

Know what, he’s is 100% correct. It isn’t good enough but neither is the same tired excuses he and his manager continue to offer after another shocking display and result.

We are talking about professional football players here. This is their job, day in, day out and to consistently come out and bleat about not getting the “basics” right is laughable.

What basics is he talking about? Defending? Passing? Tackling? Putting the ball in the back of the net? All of these are missing and more.

Know what I can’t stomach? The lack of fight and heart in this team. There is no one on that park that even resembles a leader.

We don’t have a devine right to win every football match but we do have a right to see effort and passion when the players pull on that jersey whilst collecting thousands of pounds a week to do so.

Those players need to have a right good look at themselves because for me, they are absolutely stealing a wage from Celtic whilst fans invested their’s to keep them in their pampered lifestyles.