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“Big Ange won’t thank me” – BT Sport pundit is next to jump on Kyogo bandwagon

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I’m hoping these types of stories are going to stop.

I really do. I hope something else happens over the weekend that will take the focus off Kyogo Furuhashi and onto something else.

Anything else.

I don’t care if it’s a rival player who dives or scores a goal with a handball or does something untoward to get an opponent sent off. Anything.

You know why? Because I want to see if there will be as big of an uproar with them as there has been with Celtic’s striker.

It is bordering on harassment, and I don’t use that term lightly.

Next up to jump on Kyogo is BT Sports pundit Ally McCoist.

McCoist was talking on the Scottish Football Extra show when he put his opinion across, “Big Ange won’t thank me, or won’t agree with me.

“Because I saw Big Ange’s comments.

“Yes, the lad is a breath of fresh air, right, and he’s been fantastic, however, he’s more than capable of going down with that breath of fresh air, that’s the problem I’ve got about Kyogo!”

This is getting old now.

Every pundit involved in the Scottish game must have had their say by now and I can’t remember a time in our game when a Celtic player has been spoken about so much.

It needs to be put to bed, now.

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  • Charles says:

    With all these dives that kyago supposedly does he is not getting any benefit from them. I can’t remember a game were he has gained an advantage.

  • Jake says:

    Sooner Ange has a word with him the better , it will get he wont get any decisions . If you cannot see something no matter how embarrassing…..your blinkered .

  • Joe says:

    Ally McCoist making statements like that has to be tongue in cheek!
    Those of us who remember watching Ally play often wonderec if we were at a football match or watching Ally play the starring role in Swan Lake.

  • Chris says:

    They’re terrified of the wee man

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