Date: 23rd August 2018 at 7:49pm
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Celtic had to settle for a draw away from home against Lithuanian champions FK Suduva on Thursday night, a result that has disappointed most fans of the club.

The Hoops rushed ahead just two minutes into the UEFA Europa League play-off tie, before conceding a dreadfully soft goal from a set-piece.

The match finished 1-1.

While much of the criticism from supporters was aimed at the defence again, there’s no denying that Brendan Rodgers’ side were wasteful in attack, missing a number of chances throughout the 90 minutes.

One player singled out was Moussa Dembele, who looked well below his best, missing one golden opportunity in the second half after good work from Olivier Ntcham.

His effort levels were not at the heights many fans expect from him and they’ll be hoping for more in the return leg at Celtic Park next week.

Surely we can see off FK Suduva in front of our own supporters?

Fans took to Twitter this evening to share their thoughts on Dembele’s performance…

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7 Replies to “‘He isn’t interested’ – Fans had plenty of criticism for popular Celtic star after difficult draw”

  • The Whole Team with the exception of Mickey Johnston were dreadful , there is something wrong with this team, the lack confidence . Puts me in mind of Tony Mowbray team

  • I thought there was a few players who did well, but the team has been going backwards for sometime. We were poorer last season than in the previous season imo. Not the same pace and blistering attacking style , certainly not as regularly. We are at the moment poorer again. Team does lack confidence and the club has prepared very badly for the season ahead . Shocking really

  • The spark seems to have gone much to negative if we could win games by going backwards we really would be invinceable, for our centre forward to be effective we have to give him a supply of some sort been missing for some time Ntcham floats in and out and his passing leaves a lot to be desired same with Forrest too much in consistancy about the team at the moment and unfortunately the answer i s not on the bench positives young johnston showed ability and thankfully brown had his wits about him tonite made many a timely tackle while others were ball watching there goal basic mistakes man not being marked and goalie who jumps with both feet on ground badly need a BOBO to take command of the defence or we will suffer.

  • I agree a Bobo type to play alongside ajer big bobo was a REAL defener! Fearless and would run through brick walls and tho never dirty put the fear of God into opponents. Tho this boyata situation is a cancer and he is the “leader” amongst our french speaking players look at all images in any training images,tho this has been apparent for long time its not healthy and almost like a clique! I feel his behaviour is causing unrest and friction.
    This team were strong last 2 years with unbreakable spirit! Sort this Brendan and quick! Tho i am sure he will this is worrying!! Its about us and what we do but we must get back our team spirit and bond HAIL HAIL

  • Surely, if the Celtic defense lacks passion and pride, that is Brendan Rodgers fault. It is his job to inculcate those very characteristic into every player that wears the jersey. But Brendan will not admit that. Oh no. He will blame his players and call them to question. He could say, ‘I have had private words with everyone about standards, I apologise to the fans and take responsibility’. Not his style to take it on the chin though. When he signs £24 million pounds worth of players, including £3.15million on Kouassi that could have gone to McGinn and it all looks a bit thin, he blames the board for losing out on championship players for mere pennies and Boyata for letting the team down.

    The backroom staff of John Kennedy, Kolo Toure and Chris Davies now look childishly weak compared to Gary McAllister, Jordan Milsom, Michael Beale and Tom Culshaw at Ibrox and over the course of the season, the challenge from better-equipped teams could see CELTIC struggle to grab second place.

    One thing is for sure, Rangers are tough to score against and score goals. Celtic are struggling to score and weak in defense. September 2nd could bode very badly for the bhoys.

    If it does, is it time to look at Brendan’s record and say ‘Hey Ronny would have won domestically the last couple of years and Brendan still uses 6 of his players, what has Brendan really done?’.

    Lose to Rangers and the league flag might as well be handed over at full time.

    Brendan should grab his coat on the way out the door if that happens.

    Peter Houston would instill more desire in the team than Brendan has and he would guard his players and take responsibility for the bad times, as well as the good ones.

  • Sell him and if Rodgers keeps bleeting about transfers why don’t he sack his pal head of recruitment that on his say brought him in this guy ruined Sunderland.If Rogers can’t sort the defence them there’s a problem.

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