John Barnes absolutely nails the Gary Lineker debate on Sky News

Image for John Barnes absolutely nails the Gary Lineker debate on Sky News

John Barnes, whatever you say about him as the Celtic manager, he has certainly shown himself to be a Celtic man with his support of Gary Lineker over the Government’s handling of the refugee crisis.

We all know the club and the supporter’s stance on supporting the oppressed, immigrants and the poor in our society and as the Gary Lineker story took centre stage this weekend, former Celtic manager John Barnes came out in defence of this friend with some brilliant points that will resonate with the Celtic support.

Take his latest interview on Sky Sports:

Barnes has always maintained that he believes there is a narrative that some refugees/immigrants are made more welcome than others in the UK due to the colour of their skin.

How can you argue with that?

When you look at how refugees from Middle Eastern countries are reported on by our media, they are either rapists or murders or terrorists. And when you compare that to how the plight of the Ukranian people is looked at by the media, then Barnes is 100% spot on.

He also nailed it on LBC when he rang rings round a presenter that, quite frankly, should have done more homework on the situation before coming up against Barnes who himself is an immigrant to this country [Born Celtic].

Call yourself a true Celtic fan? How well do you know the European Cup winning season?

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  • Pan says:

    John Barnes is so impressive when he talks about such issues.
    He puts many to shame and speaks eloquently and with a grasp of the facts.
    He would make a better politician than many than I see at Westminster.

  • Brian says:

    Woke, cultural Marxist, virtue signalling, nonsense.

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