Date: 6th April 2021 at 11:00am
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Jim Spence was one of the few (or was he the only one?) journalists that refused to go along with the “same club” mantra being dictated to the press by certain quarters of Scottish football.

The lie that the current Rangers is still a continuation from the club that liquidated almost ten years ago is a splurge on the national game and an embarrassment to every single football fans intelligence.

Is "Rangers" a new club?





Spence quit the BBC in an act to protect his integrity when on live radio he questioned the return of old co’s chairman to the Newco boardroom and refused to comply with the same club myth, “Referring to McLelland return I said ‘John McLelland who was chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well the club that died, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman’

That response prompted over 400 complaints and threats to himself and his family and eventually Spence quit the BBC.

Spence took to Twitter to poke fun again at the liquidation deniers when he posted:

“The political bloggers who think Twitter has become an unforgiving place should have tried ‘the liquidation matter of which we shall not speak, which never was, and didn’t result in the old club becoming the new club’ incident in 2013😂”

Truly brilliant from Spence and at least he speaks up when Celtic remained silent on the biggest sporting scandal ever seen in our game.

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