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Late night Bernard Higgins rumour has Celtic fans spinning

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The Bernard Higgins to Celtic story is one that has caused major friction between the Celtic fans and the board.

The expected controversial appointment has not gone down well with not just the Hoops fans, but football fans WORLDWIDE, as support against the employment of a senior Police official to a prominent role at the club gained serious momentum.

Higgins was the Police Chief that implemented the much maligned OBAF Act and whilst the act itself was there to try and eradicate sectarianism from Scottish football, it was it’s implementation and how it was used to target innocent football fans  that enraged the football supporting community.

And as protests against the appointment gathered momentum, the planned silent protest against the board at tonight’s Europa League tie against Real Betis was scheduled to go ahead as prominent fan groups step up their efforts to have this appointment stopped.

A rumour was circulating last night on Twitter amongst the fans that Higgins is not going to take the role at Celtic and whilst nothing official has been released by the club, it was still enough to set the Hoops fan’s tongue’s wagging:

To try and shed some light on the story, Vital Celtic contacted a fan media site that has that has close connections to the club and they replied, “I’ve heard this from a solid source 👍

We will wait on this one with baited breath.

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