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Legendary singer didn’t back Rangers Sutton/Lennon snub. He fears for his safety

Image for Legendary singer didn’t back Rangers Sutton/Lennon snub. He fears for his safety

A strange report surfaced today in the aftermath of the Sutton/LennonGate.

Both former Celtic players were denied entry into Ibrox last night amid a claim from Sutton that Rangers CEO Stewart Robertson told him that both former Celtic players poses a security risk.

But a risk to who?

Or were they AT risk from either a poorly organised security team at Ibrox or was Robertson saying that he couldn’t trust his own fans, inside his own stadium to act like normal human beings over a game of football.

You don’t need me to tell which answer to pick but if you listen to Celtic fan and legendary singer, Rod Stewart, he should point you in the right direction.

Rod messaged TalkSPORT presenter Jim White live on air this morning to give his views on the embarrassing episode and Jim read it out live to his listeners, “Our old pal, Sir Rod Stewart, is listening from home this morning.

“Rod’s a big Celtic fan as you know.

“He says ‘Guys, I think this is the correct decision by Rangers. 

“I wish I could go to Ibrox but I wouldn’t be particularly welcome.’

Now, according to The Daily Record AND The Sun the narrative has been pushed that Stewart is BACKING Rangers, which he kind of is, but not for the same reasons the news outlets are making out.

If you look at Stewart’s message you have to ask, why would he not be welcome there?

Of course we all KNOW why but if you are a professional football club playing in the top league, surely you should be able to GUARANTEE someone of Rod Stewarts stature’s safety?

It is another shameful and embarrassing episode in a week of shambolic press coverage for the club. Here’s hoping there are many more.

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