Date: 3rd March 2019 at 4:51pm
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A weekend report from The Daily Record alleges that Brendan Rodgers was actively trying to sell Moussa Dembele to other clubs without the striker seeking the move.

Journalist Duncan Castles claims, via sources close to Dembele, that the former Hoops manager tried to get the striker to move to Leicester with him last year, prior to his blockbuster transfer to Lyon.

The report states that Rodgers offered a move to the Foxes or Newcastle United, revealing that he was intending to leave Celtic and would like to sign up the Frenchman at his new club.

Also offering him a big money move to China, a league where Rodgers was also heavily linked with, if you believe the report it’s clear that the new Leicester manager was actively working against the club’s interests while claiming he was trying to do his best for it.

At this stage we’re looking lucky to be getting rid of the 46-year-old. He neither had the class or intention to be a long-term manager at the Hoops and we don’t need that kind of man here, even if he did deliver trophy success.

We’ve seen through his lies and his false promises and now we can move on and forget all about him.


6 Replies to “New report details inside story on Rodgers’ shocking work against Celtic’s interests last year”

  • As far fetched as it seems, I heard the story about Rodgers trying to take Dembele to China with him last Wednesday- this came from a trusted source who has connections within the club. Apparently Dembele refused, saying he didn’t fancy the move and wanted to stay in Europe.

  • Time to move on… As someone I do believe said, “if any of this BS was true we’d have heard about it ages ago” he’s gone and we’ve got a true celt, in charge, plus as the first comment stated you took this story from the daily record.

  • I forgot to mention Dembele’s parting shot about Rodgers on Twitter- Warning that Celtic fans should
    “be careful who they call their leader”. No smoke without fire.

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