Date: 25th August 2021 at 8:06pm
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As Celtic prepare for their second leg tie against AZ Alkmaar, Ange was met with a raft of questions on the match (one which he wasn’t very impressed with) and then he was asked one about the racist abuse Kyogo Furuhashi has faced this week.

After addressing how it has affected Furuhashi, one reporter took a rather strange angle and seemed to be asking the Celtic manager to praise Rangers for the way they have dealt with the culprits.

Ange being Ange, answered the question with a straight and professional answer in a manner that has endeared himself to the Celtic support, “I’d just think, you know, it doesn’t matter who it involves, we don’t need to be impressed.

“It just has to happen. I don’t think Rangers acted because they wanted to impress anyone. I’d like to think it’s just people seeing right and wrong and just deal with it. 

“I said yesterday that this doesn’t need endless debates on whether it’s talk radio or TV on what should happen or why it happened. It’s wrong, we know it’s wrong, it’s not something that anyone sees any grey in.

“I’d be surprised because we  all understand how people in that situation feel when you’re the victim of something like this.

“So they did the right thing, in dealing it and wherever else it happens to or wherever else it wants to transgress whatever organisation they’re involved in then I expect it to be dealt with the same way.

“It’s just simple. Just deal with it and then when the consequences come that quickly and without too much debate, I think people then start to realise, ‘Okay well you know maybe the lines been drawn and we shouldn’t really conduct ourselves in this way anymore.”

And he is 100% on the money. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Celtic or Rangers player. It doesn’t matter how it was dealt with as long as the issue is dealt with. And certainly no one should be praised for doing the right thing and for being a decent human being. In the words of Ange, it should just happen.