Ex-Oldco star who walked away flaps his gums in the media about Celtic and the title. They never learn

Image for Ex-Oldco star who walked away flaps his gums in the media about Celtic and the title. They never learn

I genuinely don’t know why they never learn.

Ever since the new Rangers was born, all we heard in the media at the time is that they would ‘be back’ to challenge Celtic and take their place on top of Scottish football.

It’s just chest-beating pish that we are sick of hearing and even to this day it still continues.

We had Fashion Sakala before the League Cup final and we also had James Tavernier just last week telling us all how we are going to meet the ‘real Rangers’ in the Scottish Cup semi final.

It’s boring and predictable and designed to pander to the lowest common denominator of their fanbase.

And here we are again with former deadco player Dorian Goain bumping his gums about how the return of Ianis Hagi could help recover the title race.

Speaking in the Daily Record, Goian said, “But I know that club and the fact they have a mentality where they never give up.

“Celtic have a big lead but Rangers have the power and the mentality to recover this situation.

“I know they will fight all the way to the last game of the championship.”

Ok Dory.

I’ll start to worry when I get an opinion from someone that has moral values and does not walk away from a club he committed to just after they died.

One player will not stop this Celtic side. It will take a team and this team from Ibrox has failed on the three occasions it has been asked already this season.

I will be leaving Vital Celtic tomorrow to join John McGinley and Hamish Carton on 67 Hail Hail from Monday the 27th of March.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Sorry to read that we bit at the end Paddy. Although I’ll obviously see your work on 67HH, I enjoy you’re vital articles and hope that this site continues with able writers ongoing,( I’m sure it will). Good luck on your new venture.

    • Paddy Sinat says:

      Hi Nick. Thank you for your kind words mate. As far as I know, Vital Celtic will be closing down and no other writer will be taking this site forward which is unfortunate considering I spent two years building it from nothing.
      Onwards and upwards though!!

  • Dando says:

    I’d genuinely be more worried if his old man came out of retirement and signed a 6 weeks contract wae the tribute act….


  • Seppington says:

    Forgot this muppet existed…barely noticed him when he was there in the first place…typiczl nobody taking the biased media coin to big up the tribute act.

  • Gazza says:

    This is the guy that spilt all on the drinking culture at the ‘rangers’ a Romanian gypsy slagging his own team mates now he talks about mentality???

  • Fun time frankie says:

    This clown should start eating decent food instead of filling his mouth with bullshit. forgot to say paddy enjoy your new gig, HAIL HAIL GLASGOWS GREEN AND WHITE.

    • Paddy Sinat says:

      Frankie, thank you for all your contributions to the site mate. You were always supportive even though you disagreed with some of my opinions. HH mate

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