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“I thought he was injured!” – Former Celtic star takes cheap shot at Hoops players performance

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It’s a funny old thing being a striker at Celtic.

You don’t score goals. You’re not good enough (which is correct). But in this Celtic team? Scoring is not enough.

In this Celtic team, you score goals but don’t have enough touches, then you’re not good enough. It really is surreal.

Albian Ajeti has been the much maligned striker of this decade so far for Celtic. Promised so much, but has delivered so little. The £5m spent on him seemed like a wasted pot of cash until he got into the Hoops first team due to a Furuhashi injury.

In three appearances he’s scored three goals. Great right? Wrong?

Two were against Ross County where he only had fifteen touches of the ball (don’t get me started but you can read about THAT here and here) and today, against Livingston, he was nowhere to be seen.

But he didn’t get much service so what can he do?

More, according to former Celtic goalkeeper, Pat Bonner.

Bonner was speaking on BBC Sportsound when he was analysing the big Swiss international strikers performance today and made a quip, that for me, was indicative of the whole teams performance,  “For me, if you’re a striker playing up there on your own,  you can’t just stand in the middle with two centre halves up against you hoping that eventually the ball will come to you.

“You’ve got to make something happen. You’ve got to come short, you’ve got to go down the line. You’ve got to almost even peel off their shoulder and try to get in behind the times.

“But that didn’t that didn’t happen at all. I thought he was injured. Honestly I was looking at him he kept feeling his hip and so on. And I’m not putting all the blame on him.”

It was a bad day for the WHOLE team, with maybe only Joe Hart getting pass marks.

But if there is anything that comes out of today, is that Angeball is a myth. Away from home at least.

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