“Whoever makes these decisions at Rangers should be sacked” – Former Celts hilarious Ibrox transfer jab

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One thing about Celtic you can always levy at the club is that they have their transfer business in order.

The recruitment department are doing an excellent job alongside Ange Postecoglou is identifying targets that will not only improve the team, but enhance the dressing room.

Just look at the effect Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic had on the team.

But when it comes to the team across the city? Forget it.

Their transfer business is a complete disaster and when it comes to player retention and trading model, there is none.

And it was lambasted by former Celt, Frank McAvennie.

Now, whenever McAvennie talks about our club, many of us can take or leave what he says. He does tend to get most things wrong.

But when it comes to talking about them, you have to give him credit for speaking his mind as most pundits are too afraid to.

Speaking about Tillman and the Ibrox transfer policy in Football Insider, McAvennie said, “Rangers have not got the money to buy Tillman.

“That is not going to happen. Whoever makes these decisions at Rangers should be sacked.

“To let Kent’s and Morelos’ contracts run down is nothing short of diabolical.

“Why would you want to do that? I was sure they would have been out in January.“

I think he may be talking about Ross Wilson but either way, when McAvennie can notice glaring errors in their transfer business then you know just how comical their situation is.

What’s that famous Glasgow phrase again? ‘They haven’t got a pot to p*ss in.’

Call yourself a true Celtic fan? How well do you know the European Cup winning season?

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  • Johnno says:

    The player trading model has and will be for the foreseeable a vital way for clubs to generate income within the Scottish game.
    Even more so when the development structure is as appalling as it is within Scotland with potential young talent being hoovered up for peanuts currently.
    Course the scum haven’t realised that, and can’t attract players without having to pay way over the top to get anyone to sign up to rancid shithole.
    Good enough for the scum

  • Seppington says:

    A day where I find myself in agreement with Frank McAvennie AND Charlie Nicholas???? What is this? Bizarro World????

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