Barry Ferguson continues ridiculous anti Celtic media narrative

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Yeah, it didn’t take long did it?

No sooner had Celtic lost their first domestic game since September than we have a strange media narrative circulating around the punditry circuit about Celtic, seemingly having an element of self doubt creeping in.

And it’s strange.

Stephen McGowan started it first as reported here by Vital Celtic, and it is picked up by former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson in his column in the Daily Record“Celtic are now facing some very different questions as they head up the road to Ross County this weekend.

“How do they recover from such a crushing disappointment? Have they really got the bottle for this battle or not?

“Personally, I think they do. I fully expect them to come back from Dingwall with all three points.

“But you just never know how players are going to react when they’ve had the wind knocked out of them and are then plunged straight back into a high pressure scenario. It can all get too much for some.

“ Rangers can’t look any further than Fir Park on Saturday. They need to win that one then sit back and see if Celtic can handle it.

“Who knows? Sunday might have taken more out of them than even they realise. There could even be an element of self doubt creeping into their own minds. Are they getting tired? Are they running out of gas?

“We’ll only find out the answers when that whistle goes on Sunday afternoon. But it could be about to get very interesting.”

Where has this mindless narrative appeared from all of a sudden?

Self doubt? From a team choc full of players who have won championships in Scotland, Greece, Switzerland and Japan?

Yeah right.

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