Date: 17th January 2011 at 10:35pm
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The Celtic Supporters Association have called for a Bhoycott of the next SPL away game against Kilmarnock

The Celtic Supporters Association (CSA) have called for a Bhoycott of the SPL away fixture against Kilmarnock, which is due to be played on the evening of Wednesday, March 2nd.

In a statement on the CSA website the General Secretary of the Supporters Association, Joe O’Rourke, explained the reasons behind the Bhoycott:

‘I know that some fans have concerns about leaving the team with no support if we have a bhoycott, and I can understand that way of thinking, but the old saying of “No pain, no gain” springs to mind.’

‘Let`s be absolutely clear about one thing here, this proposed bhoycott is about the treatment of Celtic FC by the SFA and its officials, we will always be 100% behind lenny and the players.’

‘I don`t have to go over the recent history, but things were bad enough, and they have deteriorated dramatically since the Dallas/Dougie incidents. There has to be a serious problem when the President of the SFA comes out and attacks us in the media, just how we expect to get a fair and impartial hearing after his outburst I don`t know.’

The full statement can be viewed by clicking the above link.

I would just like to give my public backing to this. And after today’s SPL restructuring vote, which saw the turkeys vote for a quick death and a slow, painful stuffing, the Killie game will only be the first of many away games that this Bhoy will be flipping the bird at…

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