Date: 24th March 2021 at 9:59pm
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The long awaited Dermot Desmond interview dropped over twenty four hours ago but what did it really tell us? Well, in a word, nothing.  It was a “yes man” interview with no probing or searching questions, no real insight to any changes behind the scenes, although there are a couple of points that have really gotten under my skin.

Quite clearly, from the offing, it was easy to see how this sham of an interview was stage managed by the man himself.  With a “board not fit for purpose” question thrown in there to make it look like the questions were searing and there to test Celtic’s principal shareholder.

However, two major points stood out to me.

Point 1

When can we expect the appointment of a manager?
As with any key appointment at Celtic, there is a process which involves research, investigation, interviewing and negotiation.
This process is underway and is taking place privately and when complete, the Board will make a public announcement.

So where was that process when departed boss, Neil Lennon, was offered the position almost two years ago? Did Lennon give the board some outstanding advice on whitewall fitters for the showers and was his contract negotiated whilst trying the new Triton 8000 series power shower? Where was the investigation when Peter Lawwell proudly told everyone they didn’t need to interview anyone else as they had already found their man?

Roy Keane for next Celtic gaffer?





Point 2

Who is in charge of the process?
The Chairman Ian Bankier, Peter Lawwell and myself take a lead in the process, and naturally, the incoming CEO will also participate. Any decision made will require Board approval.

Does the Sporting (or Technical) Director not get a say? Is it not telling that a Sporting Director was not even mentioned? Does this tell us that Celtic are actually NOT going down that route and smoke has been blown up our backsides about progressing the club like a major European player?

Like I said, the interview was a sham and actually created more questions than answers. We all wanted to hear from Desmond about his plans for next year.  He really shouldn’t have bothered.

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